Congratulations to our new 2014 Court Members!

Introducing our 2014 Miss Vietnam of Northern California-Intercollegiate Court: Photos by: Hoang Le at and Bill Grayson at Queen: Christina Truong 1st Princess: Crystal Bui 2nd Princess: Cathy Nguyen Miss Ao Dai: Mandy Dang Miss Social: Cindy Nguyen Miss Photogenic: Quy Hoa Le Miss Talent: Crystal Bui Miss Entrepreneur: Mandy Dang Miss Congeniality: Crystal Bui

It’s Official, Meet the New MVNCI Court 2013!

Today has been one of the most rewarding shows we have had in years!  Over six months of planning all came together tonight to crown the next MVNCI 2013 court.  We adored all 14 fantastic contestants who competed for the coveted title of Miss Vietnam of Northern California Intercollegiate and we want to congratulate all the ladies for their perseverance and determination.  Thank you to everyone who came out to cheer for our lovely contestants and the organization as a whole; we wouldn’t be here without everyone’s support! Congratulations to 2013 court and we all wish you ladies a wonderful...

"It’s Official, Meet the New MVNCI Court 2013!"Continue reading

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