Coronation Donations – Valley Children’s Hospital

Written by: Savannah Pham, 1st Princess 2016 On Saturday, December 3rd, Quan, Alex, Jullianne, and I volunteered at the Valley Children’s Hospital located in Madera. Previously at our coronation in May, we collected donations for the hospital by auctioning off different items as well as holding a raffle for guests in attendance. When we arrived, we donated the $1300 we had raised, which hospital staff were greatly appreciative of. We then had the opportunity to play with children in the hospital’s playroom. Since the holiday season was quickly approaching, we decided to teach the children how to make a piece of...

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October Community Service – VietAYA’s MAYS

Written by: Savannah Pham, 1st Princess 2016 Photo Credits: Tuan Anh Nguyen On Sunday October 23rd, Quan, Alex, Jullianne, and I volunteered in San Jose for the MAYS (Mid-Autumn Youth Summit) workshop, held by the Vietnamese-American Youth Association. This workshop was hosted for high school students, mainly those in their local high school Vietnamese Student Associations who were rising leaders. To start off the day after introducing ourselves, we asked the students to introduce themselves and their schools so we could learn more about them. Then, Quan and I led an icebreaker to encourage active listening; as active listening is...

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Pageant Day Experience: Crystal – 1st Princess, Miss Talent, Miss Congeniality

The big awaited pageant day had come so quickly. It was time to cross out March 29 on my planner to see “MVNCI PAGEANT” written in all capital letters in the box right next to it. After two months of preparation, the big day had come. The night before felt like the night before Christmas as a young child. I woke up numerous amounts of times throughout the night with little burst of both nervousness and excitement. My makeup was scheduled for 6 a.m. that morning. I had woken up feeling slightly exhausted, but the excitement for the pageant fueled...

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