Name: Thao H.
Age: 18
School: San Jose State University
Major: Marketing

Thao Huynh is 18 years old and currently studying Marketing at San Jose State University. After graduating from Bolsa Grande High School in 2012, she moved all by herself from her hometown of Garden Grove to San Jose and is currently paying for her own education.

In high school, she was an active member of VSA club and a community service club called CSI at her school. Thao was one of the directors for the Culture Night at her school for two years, where she was a choreographer, script writer, and a performer. She was also selected as most creative.

Thao is very involved in her community. She currently tutors students after school. She is also working as a local intern for a student-run not-for-profit organization focused on leadership called AIESEC San Jose, as well as a temple group called Gia Dinh Phat Tu Hue Quang.

She loves to read, bake, dance, and spend time at Barnes & Noble browsing around for books in her free time. Her philanthropy project is to be able to help students from K – 12th succeed in school and prepare them for a productive future. She hopes to one day travel and volunteer in different countries to help children around the world succeed.

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