Name: Melissa L.
Age: 20
School: San Jose State University
Major: Chemistry, Biochemistry

At the age of 20, Melissa Le is the eldest daughter of Khoi Le and Loan Hoang. She was born in San Jose but grew up in Fremont, California. She graduated with honors from Washington High School in 2010.

In high school Melissa received a President’s Education Award for outstanding academic excellence. Throughout high school, she was involved in many school activities. She joined her school’s junior varsity swim team and swam for two years. Melissa was in leadership and has participated in organizing school events and was apart of her spirit week committee for three years. She helped tutor some of her classmates in math during an after school program that the school provided its students.

Growing up, Melissa was even involved in curricular activities outside of school. Melissa has been swimming ever since she was about 7 years old and began competing on a swim team at the age of 12. After many years of swimming, she wanted to learn about contemporary dance. As her passion for dance grew, Melissa was able to make it on a dance team which has brought her all the way to compete at the Move National Dance Finals. There, her team was able to place within the top 5 dance groups to battle it out for the title of National Champions.While her love for swimming and dancing has not changed, she is a Disney fanatic who is also interested in other hobbies such as piano, ice skating, art and singing.

Melissa has volunteered her time for many years to help the City of Newark and Fremont with their dance program by working backstage during dance recitals and assisting dance instructors in their classes. She even took her time out on weekends to attend her previous swim team meets to time and record scores for the swimmers competing.

Melissa is currently a student majoring in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry at San Jose State University. In addition to being in college, she is working at Happy Fish Swim School teaching children and adults of all ages learn how to swim and acting as a role model to those around her.

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