March Community Service: Curry Senior Center

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On Sunday, March 22, 2015, Crystal, Cindy, and I spent our afternoon serving lunch to seniors at the Curry Senior Center, located in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco.  Upon our arrival, we checked in with Laura, the coordinator of the meal program at the center.  She gave us a quick overview of the program and the lunch service schedule.  The center provides essential social services to low-income seniors which includes healthcare, housing, and meals, to name a few.   There was a good turnout of about a dozen total volunteers that day.  In the kitchen, we met “Vergi”, the head cook, who assigned each of us roles in the food serving line.  She endearingly named Crystal, Cindy, and I as the “Chicken Lady”, “Cabbage Lady”, and “Fruits Lady”, respectively, in regards to the food we were plating.   The color composition of all the different foods on the plate looked very beautiful altogether!  It was a joy to serve the senior citizens who came by that day.  All of the volunteers got to have a taste of the scrumptious plate of food during our break in between the 2 lunch periods.  After the second lunch period ended and plates of second servings were all passed out, we helped bus tables, wash/dry all the kitchenware, and clean-up the kitchen.  As we chatted with Laura afterwards about our wonderful experience there, we learned that Vergi’s niece is a current beauty queen titleholder in the Philippines!  The center has ongoing volunteer opportunities every week in the Dining Room and with Bingo Hosting; for more information, please click here.

photocrati gallery

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