Black April Commemoration – Remembering The Fall of Saigon

04/30/1975 – 04/30/2013

It was an honor for MVNCI to be a part of the 38th Black April Commemoration – Remembering The Fall of Saigon that took place back at the end of April. The event was hosted by the Vietnamese American Roundtable organization at San Jose City Hall. This ceremony is an annual event in many Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American communities around the world, as it  In holding the current Miss Ao Dai title with the Pageant, I was able to be even more engaged with the event itself as one of the community speakers. As a community speaker, I was tasked with reading aloud to the audience the statistics of those who died trying to escape our beloved  home country, looking for freedom and hope on a different continent. These victims gave their lives in hope of finding a brighter future away from their homeland.

Though there were many of heartbreaking facts and stories from this time in our history, there is still a bright future that the strong Vietnamese community has created here in the United States, especially in San Jose.

Thank you, veterans, for your service. Thanks for all the time and heart you have put in for our future; without your sacrifice, we would not be here today. Many thanks to the Vietnamese American Roundtable for organizing this meaningful event; you have helped us remember our roots and taught us to be more appreciative of what we have now. MVNCI is proud to be a Vietnamese Pageant and we will always support our community.

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