Miss Vietnam Of Northern California Intercollegiate 2013

Sunday, March 3rd, was a life changing experience. I, Cao My Ngan, was lucky enough to be crowned 1st Princess 2013 for Miss Vietnam Northern California Intercollegiate. Preparing for this event was extremely exhausting but completely worth all my time and effort. After getting my makeup and hair ready for the big day, I set out for the Campbell Heritage Theater. I was impressed by how magnificent the theater was, and I started to finally feel my nerves kick in. It was really happening and there were only a few more hours until the show started. The contestants and I prepped for the show the best we could; we practiced our opening dance, our walk routines, and questions endlessly before the show. It was so comforting to experience this event with all my pageant sisters. They made it easier for me to have fun and enjoy this sensational moment with them.

Before I knew it, the show had started. During each segment of the show, we all rushed to change in and out of our dresses. It was so exciting to help each other and just laugh about getting to our segments on time. Its these kinds of moments where I truly realized how much we’ve bonded during the past few months. This wasn’t just a pageant, it was also a sisterhood. The rush was quite thrilling and the contestants were so breathtaking in their dresses.

Then, we all stood in line together waiting for our MCs to announce top 8. One by one, the lucky contestants were called up. I was extremely nervous because there was only one spot left and I was beginning to feel apprehensive. Suddenly, the MCs called my name and I was so shocked to make it to top 8. I had then answered my question the best I could and I hoped for the best. Once more, the top 8 contestants stood in line and we waited for the results of top 5. Four of the contestants had taken a spot and again, there was one left. I was skeptical and I started to question the quality of my answer from before. But I did it!  I was the last lucky contestant to make it to both top 8 and top 5!

After the announcement of top 5, four of the ladies including myself had to walk off stage and wear headphones. This way, we were unable to hear the question and the answers being given. The music was soothing and allowed me to concentrate on my next task, answering the final question. As nerve racking as it was, I was able to answer my question proficiently and I hoped the judges were impressed. We all changed back into our ao dai and awaited the results of the Miss Vietnam of Northern California Intercollegiate 2013.

After all the suspense and hard work, I was crowned 1st princess. I cannot express enough of my gratitude towards my pageant sisters, my mentors, MVNCI staff, and all of my supporters. I would to thank my designer, Jacky Tai, for designing my ao dai and evening gown. My makeup artist, Beauteme, for making me feel so beautiful. My right hand, Kevin Truong, who is always willing to share any advice and tips. My Sponsors: Inspire USA, Fancy Flavors, TimmyTangCool, Miso Tuned, TKWorld Productions, Kai Orthodontics, and my family for supporting me. My Mentors: Janet Pham, Kristine Pham, Theresa Ngo, and Kimmy Huynh for guiding us through this remarkable experience. And of course to the judges for believing in me and choosing me as 1st princess. And last but not least, MVNCI staff, for making this dream a reality and giving me this incredible opportunity.

I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a voice of our Vietnamese community. I truly want to make a difference and I aim to make changes for the betterment of our society. I hope to touch the hearts of people of all ages and I will do my best to represent our culture professionally. I hope you will continue support the MVNCI 2013 court through our journey and join us for all our future events. Thank you for all your love and support!

Your aspiring role model,

Cao My Ngan


Photos courtesy of Rich Yee, Todd Fong Photography, Miss Vietnam-Sacramento ( Photography), Kim Nguyen, and Heidi Nguyen

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