What Makes MVNCI Unique?

So what makes the Miss Vietnam of Northern California Intercollegiate experience different and how does the organization benefit the community/the world?  There are a handful of beauty pageants out there, all with different goals and purposes, but what distinct MVNCI from the pack truly relies on what our contestants learn and take away with after pageant ends.

Aside from the usual practices to perfect dance, talk, and walk choreographies, MVNCI offer contestants workshops to sharpen skills that not only help contestants gain confidence to impress judges, but can also apply to their lives outside of pageant.  Our workshops vary year to year, but several workshops that we do present every year focuses on interview, sponsorship, dining etiquette, self empowerment, and sportsmanship.  Each workshop were presented by special guests from the community, who have garnered those skills from their own personal experiences with pageantry/profession.

Another noteworthy aspect of the MVNCI experience also focuses on empowering young women’s voice.  As queen of MVNCI, she is entitle to chose an organization of her liking and MVNCI as a whole will support her philanthropy project throughout her reign.  To prepare for this responsibility, every week during practice, each contestant gives a presentation about their cause and what actions they need to execute if they are chosen as queen.  Even if contestants do not place as queen, at least they have a idea of what they would like to volunteer for and continues to volunteer for their cause.

Last, but not the least, another piece of experience that contestants will take away is the sisterhood formed.  Although contestants are brought together, vying for the MVNCI title, contestants build friendships amongst the stress that pageantry tend to create.  Along with making valuable connections with fellow contestants, contestants are also guided by mentors.  For what started as an experiment last year, mentoring was a hit, and ever since then has become a MVNCI tradition.  Contestants are split into groups and are mentor by previous court members to help ease the stress, offer advices, and lend a shoulder to lean on.  (This year is special, because we have previous 2012 contestant and Top 8 finalist, Kristine Pham to help mentor 2013 contestants)!

All in all, MVNCI provide a platform to empower young college women who happen to be vietnamese, equip contestants with useful life skills, and allow them to grow intellectually.  How does that affect the community, or even the world?  Simply put, we are creating leaders, one group at a time!  We are confident that our contestants will become successful in their endeavors and we are proud to have been a part of their journey.

Are you ready for March 3rd!  See the confidence, poise, and intelligence our contestants will exude on stage at the Campbell Heritage Theater!  Pictures courtesy of Nocturnalz Photography!

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