Photo shoots with Terrence Taylor and Shaowen Yao… and Something More

For me, one of the many unforgetable experiences 2012 court have encountered over these past few months, or privileges I should say, would  have to be our invitations to participate in different creative photo shoots with several talented photographers around the bay area.  The photo shoot sessions we had with Terrence Taylor and Shaowen Yao were no exceptions.

We shot with Terrence Taylor back in May with a couture theme in mind, but somehow, for the better, turned into a commercial shoot.  Terrence captured the soft yet elegant looks of court around Fairmont Hotel in downtown San Jose.  This particular shoot at the Fairmont Hotel brought back some loving memories for a promotional photo shoot we had just last year when we were all contestants.  I can’t post much about this shoot, because most of the pictures have not been released yet, except for this one.






















In June, we shot with Shaowen Yao from Winter Wish Photography for a lifestyle magazine themed shoot.  The concept was very new to both the photographer and us, but we had a blast creating and capturing the movements and laid back feel to it all.  Hieu Ngo, our assistant for the day, took these behind the scene takes.

To our astonishment, Jodie Truong and Moses Sison, our co-director and PR respectively, surprised and thrilled us with two additional photo shoots, shot exclusively by them.  Jodie’s shoot expanded on the lifestyle magazine theme and Moses’s added his crafty light source to make our faces pop against the slightly darker background.  Jodie’s set has not been released yet, so everyone will have to stay tune for that.

Overall, I feel a tad bit bittersweet that it will all come to close soon as we will hand our tasks over to 2013 court.  It felt just like yesterday that we started our term for 2012 court.  Looking back through these photo shoots though, I can say we have matured a lot since we all started and we have yet to create more memories, strive to continue with our philanthropy, and prepare for the upcoming pageant together.  Ending on that note, if you are not our friend on Facebook yet, friend us and keep up with our activities as it is updated quite frequently.


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