James Nguyen’s Photoshoot

2012 court had the opportunity to shoot with portrait photographer James Nguyen on March 11th at his studio and in downtown San Jose.  Jodie Truong, HKLT 2012’s very own co-director, accompanied the court and helped facilitate the flow of the shoot.  The photo shoot was broken down into three segments: color ao dais, classic white ao dais, and girlfriends hanging out.

The day started off with hair makeup with Jessica Do, also HKLT 2012’s co-director.  For this shoot, Jessica wanted the girls to look fresh and natural, so she mainly focused on the skin and applied very natural eye makeup yet lash luscious.  As for the hair, Jessica helped the girls add loose curls.  For wardrobe, MUA/fashion designer Kevin Truong lent a handful of creative and beautiful ao dais for the court to wear for the shoot.

The court met up with James Nguyen at his studio and started the first segment with the colorful ao dais.  James wanted the court to be creative with the colorful ao dais so that he can capture something unique, interesting, and memorable.  In general, the court liked the idea of creating something different, yet still maintain the beautiful elegance of the ao dais.  Moving onto the second segment, the court changed into short sleeve white ao dais.  For this segment, James wanted to capture movement and the court did so by gracefully twirling lightweight color fabrics, which stood out brightly against the white ao dai.  Kim Huynh, HKLT 2012 first princess, gave a vibrant performance/example on how to move with the color fabric (in which I apologize for not taking more behind the scene pictures of, because I was too busy watching in awe!).  I was able to capture a sneak peek with HKLT 2012’s second princess, Theresa Ngo.


In the final segment, James and the court shot at various location in downtown San Jose. This segment was very laidback and the court was able to model casually along the sidewalks.  Here’s a sneak peek of Janet Pham, HKLT 2012’s Queen.


Overall, the court had a wonderful time shooting with James Nguyen and appreciate his creative works.  Check out the fun session HKLT 2012’s court had.  They look great I’d have to say!


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