SJSU VSA “Legends” – Kevin Truong’s Ao Dai Fashion Show

On Friday, June 6, 2014, Crystal, Mandy, Cindy, and I participated in SJSU VSA’s “Legends” Culture Show during the Ao Dai Fashion Show segment, showcasing talented designer Kevin Truong’s work.  The Culture Show is annually held at the end of the school year and represents the culmination of what the VSA students have been tirelessly working on throughout the past year.  It is a celebration of Vietnamese culture by our generation and how it can be brought alive through a multitude of creative acts which also include singing, skits, and dance.  All proceeds from this year’s event went to support...

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SJSU VSA Culture Show

SJSU VSA had an amazing show this year, showcasing their skit filled with witty humors and scores of musical number.  SJSU VSA has been around for 34 years and has always strived to be involved with the vietnamese community through Vietnamese culture promotions and perseverance.  For the first time, HKLT courts, past contestants and potential contestants had the opportunity to collaborate alongside with SJSU VSA through Kevin Truong’s Ao Dai fashion presentation segment.  We thank SJSU VSA and Kevin Truong for the fun-filled experience and we look forward to working with everyone again on future projects.  Last, but not least,...

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