Name: Hanh N.
Age: 21
School: University of California, Berkeley
Major: Environmental Sciences

Originally from the City of Riverside, Hanh Nguyen is a 21 years young upcoming graduate at the University of California, Berkeley where she is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s in Environmental Sciences. Dedicated to research, Hanh will soon be publishing her capstone senior thesis on the consequences of hormone disruption in amphibian endocrinology and assists in undergraduate teaching of a physiology lab. Actively involved in fitness, she enjoys recreational volleyball and recently completed her first half marathon with training in progress for another this year. In her spare time, Hanh volunteers as a Labor Coach at the San Francisco General Hospital and works on her school campus as a business contracts assistant to ensure that university bureaucratic processes run smoothly. After graduation, Hanh hopes to attend pharmacy or medical school in a dual degree program with Public Health to one day affect global community health disparities at the intersection of medicine and pharmaceutical research. She would like to thank her mother for teaching her to be strong and independent, HKLT staff and fellow contestants, as well as her best friend Theresa M Hoang for being a source of comfort and support through the pageant process.

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