June Community Service: FAME – Fashion Art Music Exhibition

Raising Awareness – Human Trafficking

What is FAME? It stands for “Fashion Art Music Exhibition” and is a bi-annual event in San Jose that showcases artists’ work of fashion, art, and music in a one-day exhibition and fashion show. At this year’s event, MVNCI was fortunate to partner with Pacific Links Foundation (PALS) as exhibitors to spread awareness about human trafficking.

What is human trafficking? It is the trade in humans for sexual slavery or forced labor; it is modern day slavery. Sadly, it is a lucrative industry that finds profit in many countries around the world including Vietnam and even the United States.

Volunteering for FAME and partnering with PALS was a very rewarding experience, and being able to educate a vast crowd on such a serious and important topic was not only meaningful but educational as well. It was heartwarming and inspirational to hear stories of survivors and all the things they have been able to achieve since being pulled from such horrible circumstances. MVNCI was proud to display the artwork done by these survivors, which included paintings, handmade bags, and artwork as well as educational pamphlets for passers-by to take home and read for more information. Not only was PALS able to help these women turn their lives around, this organization has been instrumental in gearing them towards making good decisions for a better life. Most have gone to school and/or found jobs or careers that they enjoy. I am still in awe at how much these women have overcome and how much potential they have for what life has left in store for them.

My hat goes off to PALS and organizations like FAME. It is with organizations like these that we will become more aware of pressing issues that need to be addressed – all in an open and safe space that celebrates creativity, artistry, and community.


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