6/2/12 San Jose State Culture Show “Mirage”

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Hoa Khoi Lien Truong will be featured in Kevin Truong’s 1st Ao Dai designs. Please come to watch the fashion show as well as support SJSU in their annual culture show.

The Culture Show Committee of 2012 decided to name the show “Ảo Ảnh” or “Mirage”. Keeping the pure tradition of maintaining and promoting of Vietnamese culture, SJSU-VSA thrives to bring to the audience the best of nostalgia as well as laughter throughout the cultural presentation of the show. Not as defined by physics, SJSU-VSA’s “Mirage” reflects the desiring visions, the visions of hopes and dreams of the second generation Vietnamese students. We want to show the visions of nostalgia and love. We want to witness how proudly our fathers fought to protect the motherland with dances. We want to gaze with veneration at the beauty of the Áo Dài that our mothers wear with our own fashion. We want to see the broken hearts’ healing and the loving couples’ sweetest memories with songs…

We want to keep the Vietnamese Culture of Pride, Beauty and Love.

When: Saturday, June 2 @ 6:00pm
Where: San Jose State Univeristy, Morris Dailey Auditorium (MD)
Tickets $10 presale
Please visit sjsuvsa.net for more information.

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