About Us

The Miss Vietnam Northern California Intercollegiate™ (MVNCI) Pageant (Hoa Khôi Liên Trường miền Bắc California™) is a community showcase of accomplished and polished female students vying to be the voice of the Vietnamese youth of Northern California. This scholarship pageant aims to celebrate today’s Vietnamese and Vietnamese-American women, and to encourage personal growth across of variety of attributes. Through an interview segment, a talent showcase, and a display of the traditional áo dài, the pageant is also an opportunity for these students from Northern Californian academic institutions to demonstrate their pride and understanding of Vietnamese culture. Intelligence, eloquence, composure, and strength; these are the qualities that MVNCI shall possess. As the voice of the Vietnamese youth, she will serve the community through specific community service events and will also make appearances as MVNCI as a testament of the potential of all Vietnamese youth. To be selected would be an affirmation of her achievement and ability as a young Vietnamese American woman.

2021 Update:

Due to the current events of the pandemic, we have held off on hosting a pageant for MVNCI and Miss Teen Vietnam of Northern California for 2022. If you are interested in competing and pageantry, please visit some of our sister pageants:

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